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Imagine a space like no other. Born from an insatiable desire to explore the essence of audio, visuals, design, and creativity. A sanctuary bound together by the spirit of hospitality.


Here, you will be immersed to the truest forms of artistic expression, realized using cutting-edge technology and deep technical knowledge, while constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A purpose by design.

We believe in the limitless potential of human imagination. Our mission is to support and encourage every authentic creative endeavor, in audio or visual form.


Everyone is welcome here. We promote diversity and strive to create a space where all voices can be expressed freely, with both digital and analog vessels, without fear of judgment.


Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, this unique space embodies freedom and artistic idealism. It is a community for like-minded individuals and home for a few.

You need us to bring audio and visuals to life in ways never seen before. We need you to join us on this journey of expression.

A promise. 


Y/>our time has come

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